Yes, he has a day all to himself!

Let him cast the first stone he who doesn’t enjoy delicious bread. Salted or sweet, with or without filling, grilled, toasted and in so many other ways, the famous French bun is one of the most traditional foods in the world and, especially, in the daily lives of Brazilians. In honor of this delicacy, the 16th of October is World Bread Day. The date was determined by the Union of Bakers and Confectioners in New York in the year 2000. Over time, the original recipe that uses flour, water, salt and yeast, has gained new versions.

For the Ocrim Group, the love of bread began in 1951, the year in which it installed its first mill in Nova Odessa, São Paulo, where since then it has produced flour for bread making, pasta, cookies and pre-mixes for domestic use. In the following year, in 1952, the second mill was already in full swing in the Jaguaré neighborhood of São Paulo (Sate Capital). It was oriented towards the production of flour for various industrial segments. In 1953, Belém do Pará received the third mill of the Ocrim Group, the first installed in the Northern region of the country, with this it was able to access a new universe of possibilities, including the interior of the State and riverside regions, which use the products in several productive segments that also extend to the State of Amapá. In 1962, the fourth mill was born, another one in the Amazon region, this time in Manaus, which is still the only wheat mill in the entire state. In this region, after this period, a private floating terminal was built to unload wheat.