Wines and Breads – the perfect combination

For ages the combination of bread and wine is well known. The variety of breads is enormous – you have French, Italian, Australian, German, ciabatta, croissant, baguette (with sesame), flatbread, oat, rye, cheese, potato, honey, black, whole wheat, bagel, sovado and many others are always available for you to choose your favorites and put the filling you like best.

Combining wines and breads, check out the tips:

– White wines are great for pairing with poultry and fruit fillings. You can choose ciabatta, bagel or croissant breads.

– Red wines are great for you to serve with spicy spreads. The more full-bodied breads are also sure bets, such as Italian bread, pita bread and baguette. You can serve it with black olive pâtés, sun-dried tomatoes, sardella, herbs or garlic.

– Sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines go well with all pâtés and caviar. You can serve breads like Australian, French, oatmeal, cheese or honey.