Wheat Run: Overcoming for all ages

With a sweet girl’s voice, the assistant director, Alcione Pavanelli doesn’t look her age at all, and be amazed! She has been into jazz, gymnastics and is now a new practitioner of hiking and jogging. Let’s leave her age for the end of this article to create a bit of suspense! For the first time, Alcione will participate in a racing competition “The company gave us the registration as a gift and I decided it was time to debut” says Alcione, smiling. The stimulus to start practicing sports was the satisfaction of feeling the body’s movements, which consequently brought improvements to her health. The competition Alcione is referring to is the Wheat Run, which will have its first edition on October 15th in São Paulo, where it will involve 4km walks and two 4km and 8km running courses. One of the differentials of the “Wheat is Health” race is the route, which passes through different historical points in the center of São Paulo, such as the São Bento Monastery, the oldest bakery in the city and the Municipal Theater. The HR coordinator, Sérgio Larrosa, is a born athlete, he has been swimming and running for 15 years, and although he does not usually participate in competitions, he will also be in the Wheat Run. “My goal is to seek quality of life and physical conditioning, with that I feel more active and rejuvenated, and for those who haven’t started yet, I always say – Get off the couch!”, explains Sérgio. Do you know which foods can provide the energy needed to support the effort during exercise? Pasta, bread and other wheat-based foods are great sources of carbs and also play a key role after your run. “Supporting events like this is a major focus of the company, as we work with wheat-based products, which bring health to the population, and physical activity enters this quality of life chain”, says the commercial director of Ocrim Group, Fernando Perez. The company is a partner of the event and has made registration available for its employees.