Wheat is used in the cosmetic industry

The cosmetics industry never tires of seeking inspiration for its launches, the most used ingredients are oats, rice and wheat, which appear in the formulation of the most varied types of products such as; facial and body moisturizer, soap, anti-cellulite cream, makeup, deodorant, shampoo, hair mask, among others. Wheat brings its noblest portion, the germ, which is very rich in nutrients, especially vitamin E, which has antioxidant action and therefore fights free radicals. The proteins contained in it are widely used in hair products because they have an affinity with the hair fiber. They form a thin layer around the strands, uniting their cuticles and not allowing water molecules to evaporate and leave them dehydrated, rough and opaque. In addition, they repair keratin, which ensures hydration and shine. Substances that promote a temporary lifting are further extracted from wheat and, therefore, are easily found in face creams, especially those that are specific to the regions of the eyes. They have a tensor effect and provide the skin of the face a smoother, more attractive and elastic appearance, reducing sagging and improving the aspect of fine wrinkles and expression lines.