Trigolino changes the shape of biscuit packaging

Trigolino, a brand of cookie produced in the Northern Brazilian Region by the Ocrim Group, presents its new packaging format for laminated biscuits, Cream Cracker, Maria and Maisena cookies with 3×1 packages. “The tradition of the Trigolino brand is very strong and has a history with consumers, especially with the Amazon region, explains Gilton Ludgero, industrial manager of the Trigolino brand. “Even with the change in the packaging, we were careful to preserve the quality without losing the identity that the consumer has with the history of the brand”, he explains.

For the changes, investments were made in machinery to adapt production to the new packaging design, and new automatic boxing technologies to close the boxes.

With more attractive colors, the consumer will realize that a new format will appear on supermarket shelves, and will see packages in the 3×1 format, that is, with 3 primary packages of 133g forming 1 secondary package of 400g.

With the expansion of the brand to other regions of Brazil, such as the Midwest and Northeast, the packaging starts to adapt to the model preferred  by consumers and used by the vast majority of manufacturers in Brazil. Previously, Trigolino cookies had a presentation of 04 primary packages of 100g, forming 01 secondary package of 400g. “This new format has a better acceptance for the consumer who is used to the traditional format in other regions of the country, and with the expansion of the market, we consider it an important moment for this change,” concludes Gilton Ludgero.

“This improvement will also lead to greater visibility at Points of Sale (POS),” says Jardel Lopes, commercial manager of Trigolino cookies.

“For this new phase, we want to get even closer to our target audience through renewal and creativity, always prioritizing the quality of the product that is present in so many Brazilian homes”, explains Milena Valmont, Marketing Analyst at Ocrim Group.

Cream Cracker, Maria and Maisena cookies in 3×1 format will be available for sale beginning on September 2020.