Tips for serving Panettone in a different way

Panettone has a captive place at the end-of-the-year tables. Several legends try to explain its origin, and the only certainty is that this delicacy arose in Italy. The sweet Christmas bread made from wheat, has a discreet fragrance of vanilla and a filling of dried fruits. But this year you can change the way you serve it, so we’ve brought you some different tips to delight in this treat:

– Place a quarter of whipped cream or plain cream on top of large slices of chocolate panettone and serve. These creamy sauces are an ideal accompaniment to chocolate-flavored panettone.

– Put mascarpone cheese, jam or butter on the chocolate panettone slices and serve.

– Accompany the chocolate panettone with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Serve Italian sparkling wines and liqueurs like sparkling wine, moscato, prosecco or amaretto. Prepare sweet and hot drinks such as tea, coffee or chocolate to serve with the panettone.

– Toast the chocolate panettone and turn it into a delicious bread for breakfast. Dip it in hot or cold milk to soften it and enjoy the crunchy sweet bread with a chocolate flavor.