Tips for a Successful Confectionery

Some time ago, we went through the cupcake craze. A while later, it was the gourmet “brigadier” chocolate treats that stole the show. Now, the darling of the moment seems to be the naked cake. Yes, the confection market is volatile – and highly influenced by fashions and trends!

To keep up with this pace, you have to keep improving yourself. So here are the tips:

– Invest in courses, regularly follow the news and continually explore new flavors, recipes and textures, in order to be able to offer products in line with the expectations of customers, always eager for novelties.

– Quality raw material makes the difference, as the result directly influences the final product. If you want to work with demanding customers, you need to be doubly demanding with your product.

– Strong visual identity, with a good logo and a consistent color pattern, your packaging, cards and flyers will be much more beautiful and professional, which will certainly help to captivate your clientele and win over new buyers.

– Partnerships are a great option – offer your products to buffets and event spaces, leave a portfolio with photos and schedule tasting sessions, for example.