The story of the fortune cookie

It was 800 years ago when the great Mongol warrior, Genghis Khan, had already conquered much of Asia and arrived in Chinese territory with the desire to expand his empire. The Chinese, sensing the attack, devised a strategy to not let their territory be dominated, but how to transmit the strategy to all the Chinese generals spread out across their vast territory? At the time there was a sweet called the “moon cake” whose taste was detested by the Mongols, the Chinese took advantage of this and put the victory plans inside these cakes, which were sent to all the generals. Through this action, the Chinese people regained their autonomy, giving rise to the Ming dynasty (the one famous for its porcelain) and, to commemorate this feat, the Chinese began to exchange congratulatory messages annually in the same way that the secret messages were sent, inside of what might be called “victory cookies”. Source: Hakuna Matata – Website