The health benefits of white and whole wheat bread

Eating a roll of French bread with butter for breakfast is almost a tradition for Brazilians. Aside from being delicious, breads are rich in carbohydrates. We remind you that these nutrients are important for the body to function and should not be left out of the diet without medical advice. Whenever we ingest carbohydrates, they enter the bloodstream and are absorbed at different speeds, providing energy for the body to function. The faster your carbohydrates are absorbed, the higher the glycemic index of the food.

Also known as French bread or salt bread, white bread is the most consumed by Brazilians. It is made with refined wheat flour and is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. The habit of consuming it at the first meal of the day is quite healthy, because when we wake up, our body needs a large intake of energy, as it has spent several hours fasting. Another important time for consumption is after a great expenditure of energy, as after physical activity, eating white bread can help you regain vitality. Whole wheat bread, on the other hand, is not prepared with refined flour, which maintains the amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber of the cereals in the bread, making it very nutritious. Even though it also has carbohydrates, the fibers contained in Whole wheat bread slow down the absorption of blood glucose by the body, which lowers the glycemic index. This type of bread is ideal for your pre-workout. As it has a large amount of fiber, which makes the body absorb insulin more slowly and gradually, it guarantees energy throughout your workout.