The difference in cupcakes

This small cake originated in the United Kingdom, where they are still called Fairy Cakes, traditionally a vanilla cake with fondant frosting, present in the classic five o’clock tea.

Both American and British cupcakes use cakeflour, a flour developed especially for cakes that contains less gluten than normal, and instead of milk, buttermilk is used, which is more acidic and has less fat than milk. The “base” of for cupcakes ends up being practically the same for almost all recipes, what changes is the flavor and aroma. The difference in  cupcakes is in the texture and sweetness, while the Americans have super dry dough and extremely sweet topping, called buttercream, which is the famous cream made of sugar and butter, the ones made here ended up being adapted to Brazilian tastes, with a moister cake and not-so-sweet fillings and toppings.