The Brazilian Fried Pastry (Pastel)

Whether sweet or savory, pastry dough or ready-made pastel is a delight that is extremely appreciated among Brazilians. The pastel is nothing more than a fresh dough that can be fried or baked and can contain the most varied fillings, the most popular being meat, chicken and cheese. It can have different shapes, but commercially, it is found more in rectangular or round shape. In Brazil, of snack the vast majority bars, bars and cafes offer the sale of Pastel. In addition, it is also possible to find it easily on sale at terminals and even as party food, especially for birthdays. However, for sure, the street markets are the most popular places to find the delicacy. You can find pastry dough to make them at home mainly in supermarkets, smaller markets and grocery stores. It is so popular that it is consumed by people of different social classes. From the richest to the simplest people, the savory treat is enjoyed by millions.