Sponge cake

Let him who doesn’t like extremely soft fluffy cake throw the first handful of flour! Did your mouth water? Then be aware this cake has a name: sponge cake, or as a typical recipe from the Portuguese, the “ló bread”, which can serve as a base for cakes full of filling and with

delicious toppings or, simply, to be consumed “by itself”,

awakening tastes and aromas throughout the table. The soft fluffy whites,

by the way, are responsible for the very light batter of this cake and justify the

term “sponge”, or “Ló” in Portugal, which lends its name to the recipe.

“Ló”, in Portugal, is a very fine and delicate fabric.

The Portuguese are always credited for the delicious cakes named after bread, but the real “owners” are the Japanese. The Japanese cake that served as the inspiration for the

“Ló bread” is called casterá (because of the very stiff egg whites, firmer

than regular beaten egg white) and includes honey in the recipe.