Solidarity to avoid accidents

Scalping is an accident caused by the motor shaft of small boats, still common and recurrent in Pará. Due to the lack of protection, the victims, mostly women, when approaching the engine, have their hair pulled.

The strong rotation winds the hair around the axis and even pulls out part or all of the scalp. In some cases, victims suffer severe damage and even lose their ears and facial skin, causing deformities or even death.

Ocrim Group, manufacturer of Mirella wheat flour, is located in the port region of Belém, and since last year, has started a partnership with the Port Authority to sponsor axle protection shields that are placed on small vessels of local communities.

The delivery of 50 units of motor shaft protectors took place last Tuesday (09), at a women’s day lunch, where some scalping victims were present and highlighted the importance of this protection. For the general manager of Mirella wheat flour, Rui Brandão, this is a very serious matter, as it is not just violence that children or adults may suffer, but a trauma that generates the needs for assistance to reintegrate these injured people, with follow-ups by social workers, psychologists and other professionals. “I was touched by witnessing these reports. Helping to avoid these accidents and saving lives is our goal, we will continue to support the Port Authority in this Safety Project for the Riverside People”, concludes Brandão.