The Ocrim Group operates in the national territory in the production of wheat flour for baking, pasta, cookies, pre-mixes, domestic line, and the manufacture of animal feed. It directs its business in a conscientious, open and transparent way with the various audiences with which it relates, seeking excellence, sustainability and commitment to:

  • The guarantee of the quality and safety of the food produced in all our operations;
  • The satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders and other interested parties;
  • Compliance with legal, regulatory requirements,of customers and of others applicable to our business;
  • The health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers and the community, providing safe and healthy working conditions, eliminating hazards and reducing occupational risks;
  • Communication, participation and engagement of stakeholders, human and social development and the preservation of universal rights and guarantees, combating all types of discrimination, harassment, slave and child labor;
  • Respect for the human and cultural diversity of workers and cities in which we operate;
  • An environment for the development of people and processes available to all those who relate to our production chain;
  • Prevention of pollution and environmental preservation, seeking to reduce the consumption of natural resources with a focus on efficiency projects that aim to minimize impacts on the environment and other stakeholders;
  • Encouraging continuous improvement of the integrated management system, developing people, processes and technologies.

00 – 04/26/2021