Our daily bread

The names may be different, but the flavor is known to all Brazilians who traditionally enjoy the classic French bread with margarine. And there is nothing more Brazilian than enjoying one of them for breakfast or in the afternoon.

But Brazil is a country based on miscegenation, as we well know. And so, different regions of our motherland named French bread according to their culture and customs.

See the names given to French bread in different states of our diversified country.

– In the Santos seacoast region of São Paulo – “Media”.

– In Ribeirão Preto, in upstate of São Paulo – “Filão”.

– In the capital of the state of São Paulo – “little bread”.

– In Ceará – “carioquinha” (Little Carioca).

– In Rio Grande do Sul – “cassetinho”.

– In Sergipe –“ jacó bread”.

– Florianópolis – “wheat bread”.

– In Pará – “bald bread”.

– Maranhão in São Luiz – “sovado bread” has thin crust and “French bread” has thick crust.