Ocrim at the Pará Industry Fair

Once again present at the Industry Fair, the Ocrim Group presented first hand the new 800g package of Trigolino cookies, which is already a success on the shelves of the main supermarkets. Now it has a super 800g package available on the market. Coconut and milk flavors packaging to unite the family and make new friends. The brand has other weights of these flavors in the 100g and 400g versions.

The governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho, was present and praised the work of the Ocrim Group and its brands.

In the photo, Joaquim Teixeira (OCRIM/Belém tax specialist) Helder Barbalho (Pará State Governor), Rui Brandão (OCRIM/Belém General Manager) and José Conrado (President of the FIEPA System).