Mirella at the Entrepreneur’s Fair

The Entrepreneur Fair, promoted by Sebrae, takes place in Belém, Pará from November 16th to 19th, and aims to foster the creation of a favorable environment for the generation of business opportunities and encourage the emergence, expansion and diversification of sustainable enterprises, in addition to spreading entrepreneurship as a way of life. During the event, potential entrepreneurs obtain information about segments of the local economy in which Sebrae operates and have the opportunity to get in touch with small machine manufacturers, small franchise providers, brand and product licensors, as well as companies interested in transferring technology, and furthermore may be a good opportunity for companies in search of new commercial representatives. The Mirella wheat brand will be present with its products and with bakery technicians giving workshops on pizza dough, scalinata and whole wheat breads. Regional recipes will not be lacking at the event, such as: pizza from Pará with shrimp, jambu, vatapá and tucupi. Thus, the Fair consolidates education and business. Those who participate have, on the one hand, the information they need to install, improve management or expand their company. On the other hand, it offers what it produces for sale, as the event is also an excellent marketing channel.

Service: The Entrepreneur Fair will take place in Belém, from 4pm to 10pm. Hangar – Amazônia Center for Conventions and Fairs, Av. Dr. Freitas, s/n, Marco.