Mills of the World

The setting for so many films and the inspiration for so many writers, the mills are among the world’s greatest attractions. The mill is an installation intended for the fragmentation or pulverizing of raw materials, specifically wheat grains or other cereals, by means of grinding wheels. There are two large groups of traditional mills, which are classified by the source of energy used to move the millstone: wind and water. Ocrim Group has some mills spread throughout Brazil, in São Paulo, Belém and Manaus. But we went deep and selected three of the most fantastic mills in the world for you to become enveloped in the story of these images.

Come with us!

Kinderdijk Mill

This stunning landscape is close to Rotterdam in South Holland. At night, the illuminated windmills are reflected in the mirror of calm waters that surround them. They date back to 1500 and they number about 19, all of them wonderful!

Warwickshire Mills

They are located in the United Kingdom and look like enchanted mills, they have arches in their structure that resemble the towers of palaces where princesses wait in hope for princes in bedtime stories.

Moulin Rouge Mill

If we talk about mills, it is impossible not to mention one of the most famous in the world! The Moulin Rouge, in Montmartre, Paris, has been enchanting those who pass by it for a long time. It is an area full of tourists and you can see why, the sensual lighting, energy and magic of this place are unique!