How did the loaf of sliced bread come about?

Treating yourself to a slice of bread at any time of the day, makes all the difference, doesn’t it? But do you know how it came about? Well, this bread as we know it today, became very popular in the 1960s, but it all started in the early 20th century, as people at the time needed a more practical bread that would last longer. According to historians, sliced ​​bread was invented by Jeweler Otto Rohwedder because he was obsessed with sliced ​​bread. The big problem he faced was not creating a slicing machine, but in keeping the slices together and keeping them fresh. In 1912 he began his quest, starting off by testing a prototype that used a hairpin. The baker Gustav Papendick from St. Louis in the United States, decided to put the slices in a cardboard box, this packaging kept the bread in line and allowed it to be wrapped with tissue paper. But the real success came in 1930 and even boosted the sales of food to be consumed together, such as jellies, for example.