Frozen breads are trending in Brazil

Frozen bread is a big bet in the bread-making process, which in countries like Uruguay and Argentina has already demarcated its space. Small supermarkets and bakeries are the target audience, as the investments in machinery to finish the product are 90% lower compared to the entire infrastructure necessary from the formulation of the recipe. There are no mysteries to the preparation. The dough follows the same principle as the bread that will be taken straight to the shelf. The secret lies in the quality of the raw material and in interrupting the process before fermentation. It will be up to the customer to defrost, wait for the dough to rise and bake the bread, in a total of approximately four hours. The product will then be ready to be tasted by the final consumer. Although the package has all the instructions, the frozen bread is intended for bakeries and mini-markets, but the sale can also be directed to housewives. With this new addition, bakery owners would need to seek for differentials, invest and launch new products.