Five facts about pizza you didn’t know

1 – Rio de Janeiro is the second largest pizza consuming city in the country, after São Paulo, second in the world (the first is New York).

2 – The most expensive pizza in the world is the Bellissima Luxury Pizza, from Nino’s, in New York. It is topped with fresh lobster, caviar, wasabi and fresh cream. Price: 1,000 dollars, a figure that’s hard to swallow.

3 – The world’s largest pizza, measuring 37.4 meters in diameter, was prepared in 1990 by the Norwood Pick’n’pay Hypermarket supermarket, in Johannesburg, South Africa. 500 kilos of flour, 800 kilos of cheese and 900 pounds of tomato sauce.

4 – Do you think Pac-Man is just like a pizza, only with one slice missing? That was exactly the inspiration of Japanese designer Toru Iwatani, in 1980.

5 – “End up in pizza”. Do you know the origin of the expression used when someone wants to say that something will end up going nowhere? According to the book The Guide for the Curious, it appeared in the 1950s, at the Palmeiras football club. After a great deal of heated discussion during a meeting, the directors decided to put all the argument aside and have everyone go together to a pizzeria.