Eating pasta is good for you!

Pointed out as a villain of good shape, precursor of ailments typical of our time, such as high cholesterol and diabetes. Fortunately, a new wave of research comes to do justice to the food that is one of the most appreciated on the planet, recouping the unique and irreplaceable right to enjoy a pasta dish without feeling any guilt. The nutritional benefits of pasta are many. For starters, it is considered a food with low glycemic levels, because it takes longer to be digested by the body. Thus, it collaborates to prolong the feeling of satiety and maintain stable blood glucose levels in the period after a meal. Pasta is recognized as a food that brings together low concentrations of sodium, fat and cholesterol. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, which gives us energy for daily activities. The whole wheat version also has numerous important nutrients for health, such as B vitamins and iron. Another good surprise is that pasta helps to lower tension and also helps to improve one’s mood.