Do you know what “Wrap” is?

The origin of the name “wrap” comes from the English verb “to wrap”, which means to enfold. That’s right! Wraps are sandwiches wrapped or rolled up in tight tubes of very thin bread dough. They appeared in the United States, more precisely in California, in the 90s, as an adaptation of a typical Mexican dish: the taco. Since then, they have been successful among those looking for a light and less caloric meal, without sacrificing flavor. These rolled-up sandwiches are great everyday as well as on special occasions. Therefore, they can even be served at cocktail parties or other festive events – with more sophisticated fillings.

Here are some tips for preparing your wrap at home:

Choose the bread – The most suitable for rolling the wraps is Pita sheet bread (of Arab origin, very thin, easy to fold and roll. It is sold in supermarkets and emporiums.

Splurge on the filling – Let your imagination run wild and fill with whatever you want – cream cheese, ham, sliced ​​turkey breast and bologna, shredded chicken, pâtés, tuna, salami, blanquet, coppa, pastrami, Parma, etc…

Healthier and more nutritious recipe – add lettuce leaves, watercress, arugula, chopped tomato, carrot or cucumber sticks, and even small pieces of fruit such as mango, pear, dried apricot or raisins.

Assemble this treat – Open the sheet bread and in the center distribute the stuffing. Then roll it up carefully, like a long Swiss roll. Cut it into two or three parts and enjoy!