Discover Ricosa pasta

When it comes to good old pasta, one of the most popular dishes in the four corners of the world, there is no shortage of varieties and flavors. A new wave of research comes to do justice to the food that is one of the most appreciated on the planet, recouping the unique and irreplaceable right to enjoy a pasta dish without feeling any guilt. And as everyone knows, the traditional dish for family meals and also for those who live alone, pasta has many varieties, both in its formats and in its compositions. Pasta is composed of 11% protein and  is rich in B vitamins. Spaghetti is the most consumed format in Brazil, it is a long and versatile pasta. Given this data, the channeling for manufacture of the product is enormous. In addition to the 500g packs of spaghetti from the Ricosa, Trigolino, Amorati and Ambra brands, the Ricosa factory also produces cut-up pasta of the following types:

Screw (200g and 500g): in the shape of a spiral that opens when cooked, with curves and concavities, it can accompany thicker sauces, such as those containing meat or ricotta, which infiltrate the pasta.

Shell (200g and 500g): in the shape of a shell, it is perfect with full-bodied sauces, but with enough liquidity to penetrate the grooves.

Ditalini (500g): this format is old, it refers to the old sewing thimbles, it is widely used in gastronomy for the preparation of pasta salads, soups and pasta.

Macaroni (500g): in the shape of a straw, it has a short and curved dough, it is ideal for stews or soups, and also combines with traditional sauces.

Penne (500g): in the shape of a short and thin tube, the ideal is to accompany with tomato-based sauces and sautéed vegetables.