Diet tips for physical activities

Whenever you go to train or when you finish, there’s always that doubt, “What can I eat that will help me have a good performance?”. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared some tips for you to stay on top of the subject.

Foods rich in carbohydrates, in the case of pasta, bread and cookies. In addition to being the best source of energy, the nutrient is important in muscle preservation.

For those who practice physical activity before breakfast, the ideal thing is to have a quick snack, that’s easy to digest and that offers enough energy to guarantee quality and performance during exercise. Prefer the consumption of high glycemic index carbohydrates such as white bread, plain cake, banana, orange juice, watermelon, honey, granola and dried fruits.

Making smart food choices after exercising also helps to fully recover muscle energy and get the best performance for your next workout. The idea is to combine the consumption of high glycemic index carbohydrates and fast-digesting proteins, such as white bread with tuna spread and juice, lean meat with potatoes or pasta, etc… It is not recommended to consume only proteins after training, as these will be diverted from their noble role of muscle building to the energy function.