Come and discover the quality of our Trigolino cookies

The production process of Trigolino cookies begins with our quality control upon receipt of the raw materials that are acquired from certified suppliers and approved by Ocrim’s quality criteria and requirements, whose production methods meet technical specs and food safety standards. The ingredients of each product are dosed and fractionated to ensure the uniformity of the products. With high-tech equipment, the ingredients are homogenized until they reach the established standard of the batters and doughs, then it goes through the molding/thread-cutting and lamination phase, which are machines prepared to generate the characteristic shape of each cookie. After going through this process, the dough goes to the oven where the baking process takes place, and remains under diverse temperatures and controlled time. After completing the baking process, the products go to the cooling stage and are immediately packaged.

The automatic packaging is done in hermetically sealed packages, which guarantee the shelf life and conservation of the product according to the expiration date and established characteristics. Each step of the process is controlled by technicians and process specialists who guarantee productivity and product quality.