Benefits of Organic Flour

Foods from organic agriculture are increasingly present on the Brazilian table. It is a market that grows 25% a year in Brazil. The Brazilian consumer, however, usually eats more vegetables, legumes and fresh organic foods, and is often unaware of or neglects grains and other products such as, for example, organic wheat flour. Organic wheat, used in this type of flour, is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides, respecting the characteristics of the soil and preserving the environment. The result is a super healthy flour. There are breads, cakes, cookies and pasta made with organic wheat flour on the market. To identify the authenticity of organic products, it is necessary to check the seal of the Brazilian Organic Conformity Assessment System (SisOrg) on ​​the food label, which reads “Brazil Organic Product”. Since January 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture has made this seal mandatory. Food will only receive this seal if it meets certain rules of cultivation, storage and a minimum quantity of organic ingredients (between 70 and 95%).