05 common mistakes in feeding your pet

The food you offer your pet directly influences the health and daily life of the pet. Therefore, it is important to understand that seemingly innocent habits when feeding the animal can be very harmful.

01.  Leaving the feeder full. Even though eating only their specific food, cats and dogs can become obese if the amount of food is exaggerated.

02. Mixing homemade food and feed. Although it may seem like a small treat for the pet, it can become a problem, as it affects the main benefit of specific cat and dog food, which is to offer complete and balanced nutrition.

03. Serving the same food as the owners It is important to remember that dogs and cats are different species from ours and have specific physiological needs. If adopted in the wrong way, without nutritional balance, the homemade diet can harm the health of animals.

04. Using flaxseed in the animal’s diet. Inserting flaxseed, the darling of healthy diets for human beings, in animal nutrition can be a mistake. Because dogs and especially cats do not absorb the omega 3 of vegetable origin – present in flaxseed – but only that of fish oil.

05. Mixing different rations. This practice can cancel out the benefits offered by industrialized diets, which come precisely from the fact that the food is complete. When mixing or changing constantly, this nutritional balance is totally impaired.